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High, I'm Valery Tng,
Try saying my name, ValeryTng, really really fast, for a lot of times and I will reward you. :D
Haha, just kidding.
I hate my cca(now), i hate tests and i hate people who hate me (like duh...) I do not hate studying and i do not hate revising. in fact, i very much enjoy it. ^o^ I love my family, i love chilling with friends, i love watching drama serials and i love Volleyball. I'd love to have a bigger room, i'd love to have a nicer laptop, i'd love to go to a beach resort and i'd love to, for once, stop worrying about my studies.
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Friday, November 26, 2010 @ Release of PSLE 2010 Results.
7:34 PM

Hellooohhhh. Here to update about my PSLE Results. Hmmm, not good at all. :( I got B for Eng, E for Math( Which is very loww), A for Chinese and C for Science.Im glad that i've gotten a B for my English and a C which is a pass for my Science. (: Cos during prelim i failed my Science and i only got a C for my English. Improved a little at least, who knows maybe MOE lowered the passing score. ;x But my grade for my Math is still the same -__- That's the part im disappointed in. Over all not Express but N(a). 179 above. ~.~ Sigh. Currently desperate on finding a sch that suits me and MY PARENTS. They're like i can go to some good schs but they don't really want me to travel in the morning becos in the morning, the MRT train is always packed like sardines ya know. So yeah, no choice. OPSS and Chung Cheng High Yishun are in my choices now. I need a few more :l URGH! So hard to findddd. :( Due date is Wednesday right? :x Hehehe. 4 more days to choose. Kay i've something to do now, FLIP THE SECONDARY SCH BOOK 100 TIMES. Hahahahah. I've gone bonkers ;p But well, i could roughly remember what are the scores for the sec schs im choosing already. Just need my dad to confirm it. ;) Okay, i gotta go. No time for computer ;( Sad, but i'll be using it when the choosing of sch thingy is over. Cos my Dad wants me to focus on the schs and search about them in detail, he say it concerns my 5 years of studies, thats why :O So Byeeeeeee! ;D

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 @ YoonA from SNSD xD
7:59 PM

Featuring... YoonA from SNSD! Omg, i simply adores all of them. xD

Results are gonna be released tomorrow... :( Im so afraid of my scores and the stream im going to... :( Sad. 'PSLE RESULTS' this two words are flooding my mind ;(. Sigh. My mum is going with me tomorrow to take my results ~.~ Hope she won't get upset and disappointed in me.. (:!

Okay, im so bored now ;x Hehehe. HOOT HOOT HOOT~

Kayz baiizcxz. :}

@ 2 more days to 25 November... WISH ME LUCK! ^^
2:46 AM

Above picture is print screen by Goggle Chrome.

The 1st picture is print screen by Mozilla Firefox and the Second picture is print screen by Google Chrome.

Omg?! I know it's abit blur. Hahah. Never mind, but you can obviously see that it makes big difference. ONE IS PATTERN AND ONE IS WORDS. Omg! Hahah. I wonder how did that happened. LOL.

Went to Cck, Yew Tee, Yio chu kang, Orchard with Caixuan today. LOL, we wasted $ on Orchard and Yio Chu Kang. There's nothing to see at Yio Chu Kang -______- Orchard not suitable for us. LOL. Cos is adults stuff over there, mainly.

So yeah, my leg is aching like omg now. Hahah. 2 more days to 25 Nov. Wish me luck! ^^

Sunday, November 21, 2010 @ New blogskin layout (:
9:24 PM


Hey! Im back. LOL, with a new blogskin. Plain right? Yeah i know. Hahah but simplicity is quite awesome. Simple things are hard to handle ya know. I made this skin, and it took me like 1hr plus. After that i started making all the profiles thingy and all these. Heheh, practically, my profile and links are copy and pasted :x Hehehe. Hahah. Kay i gotta go. I can't use the computer for too long.

Byee! Have a nice day and i love SNSD- Sunny. LOL!

Oh before you click that little 'x' at the right top hand corner, perhaps listening to SNSD's new song?


@ 25 NOVEMBER Is Just 3 Days Away...
8:26 PM

Featuring... SUNNY! Sunny from SNSD, she's super cute and pretty and hot okay. Hahaha.
I love SNSD. Omggg. Hahah. :D! Kayz boring day today. Slept at 2am+ last night. You know what? I started missing sch... The times when we share our laughter, listening to Ms Tan talk.

Well, we won't be able to hear it again.. Right? It has been a while since i last saw Ms Tan. Haiis. I miss her like seriously :'( When still studying you would wish sch days faster pass right? Yes, i do think that way sometimes too. When i was in P5 i used to curse and grumble saying that days are passing like so slowly, and lessons are very bored. But well, this is the last year im spending my days in Peiying Pri. Geez. I've got a kind of very unbearable kind of feelings. Im sad to miss all the teachers and all my friends. I'll miss the sch's adventure tower and the library too. :((

Just 3 more days... Till PSLE results are out... Hope that i could score well! I must hit above 200.
Nothing less than that. I would not be shock if i've got 200 cos i've confidence in myself ;]. Things that would surprise me is that i can't get into Express Stream. :( All the best to me!

I would appreciate if you could just tag my blog and just leave down a ' All the best to you'. Heheh. Thanks yeah! :D



Saturday, November 20, 2010 @ SNSD- Jessica
8:56 PM

Ⓒ OMG!! Jessica from SNSD is super hot. LOL. Sunny too ^^ Will post Sunny pictures tomorrow :D Gotta go. Gonna rain! Urgh, thunder storm x.x.

Kayz Byeeeebyeee! :D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 @ Rainbow.
8:48 PM

Heyy. :> I've changed my blog song :] It's Impossible by Shontelle. Quite an old song, but it's nice yeah. (:

1 more day, just 1 more day till i say byebye to Pri sch... Actually for me is 2 more days becos i'll be back on Friday to help all the prize winners and P1 orientation xD Heheh the P1s are super cutee okay! I love seeing them Hahah :B Omg, need to wear Prefect TIE, I'll DIE. It's very hotttttttttt. >:( !

Oh well, im gonna update this post perhaps later on. AHEMZ AHEMZ, NEXT WEEK, THURSDAY, 25 NOV 2010, PSLE RESULT IS OUT. WISH ME THE LUCK KAY PLS PLS PLS. Hahaah, byeeebyeeee!


Monday, November 15, 2010 @ Northpoint w Darlings! ♥♥
2:24 AM

Went to Northpoint with Vionna, Jasmine, Peiqi and Zheng Yen today. Omg, so funn. We went arcade ( Timezone) and played like super siao. xB
Hehehe. :BB So fun!

We went to watch Megamind also. Quite nice, :B Hehehe. Had lots of fun today. Okay, after a whole day of shopping, my hands and legs are seriously exhausted. That's all i wanna share. Okay byebyeee! :}